Ancient Signposts

mists and mystery

crooks hollow trails closed during construction

We love our trails in natural open space!

Shorter days, longer shadows

ice and fly-by

Of moments and miracles

Thank You Dundas Valley!

Lower Spencer Creek Trail

Ends and Means

Sound Escape

Rail Trail Detour Improved

vandalism unleashed

Binkley Hollow Bridge

Binkley Hollow Bridge Beam Broken

human-powered Hamilton

Rail Trail Green and Dry

blossoms with water

slippery slopes

how 'bout them mayapples!

board walking freshened up for spring

spring along Spencer

temporary trail closure: Dundas

Eco Motion Meeting Moved

back on the eco-motion trail in Dundas

frosty chalk

trail report

get lost...

Cold? Snap out of it!

local locomotion

walking, don't give a crooks hollow dam...

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