Sunday, December 29, 2013

Worth the Walk in Winter

Sunset over Dundas Marsh
Cootes Paradise AKA the Dundas Marsh at sunset from Desjardin's Trail at the Canal, Hamilton, yesterday at dusk. Within a span of 5 minutes we watched Hooded Mergansers floating on the open water in the canal, a Beaver swim and climb out of the canal to gnaw down a small tree and carry it back into the water, and then a Bald Eagle fly over the the high level bridge at York just above the canal.

Today is supposed to be warm, but the next week looks like temperatures will dip to more seasonable levels. I'm looking forward to a chance to skate on Cootes and play a bit of hockey. Let's have some winter, shall we?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hunting Trails

The Royal Botanical Gardens has announced the following temporary trail closures:
Hamilton, ON, December 10, 2013 — Royal Botanical Gardens and the Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority (HWHA) have agreed to conduct a controlled harvest of White-tailed deer this December as part of RBG’s deer management.  
The 2013 harvest will be conducted at RBG’s Arboretum, located at 16 Old Guelph Road, Hamilton, Ontario, and will take place between Monday, December 16 and Friday, December 20.

Access to the Arboretum, including the access from York Rd. Trailhead will be closed to the public for the duration of the harvest with the Arboretum reopened at its conclusion. Notices to the public will be provided and posted at property at entrance points.