Sunday, May 17, 2009

c'mon tim hortons drinkers, don't trash the trails!

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What is with people who leave their take-out cups on the nature trails? If you can't afford to own a reusable mug, at least cart the cup to the next garbage container. This one was in Hendry Valley, near Grindstone Creek.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

forest of song

Walkers in the region are being rewarded with lots of migrating bird sightings, including a rare visit by five pelicans in Cootes Paradise.
For budding birders, more common bird sightings will be aided by this site:
Put a little song in your step next time you are on the trails, there may be a little warbler in your next walk.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Wrongs

Lesson One: Keep your dogs on a leash
Lesson Two: Don't use violence to solve differences...

Mother’s Day dustup at Christie

, Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton police believe two errant dogs caused a punchup between two groups of men at Christie Conservation Area on Mother’s Day.

It started when one older man and his mid-20s son went fishing, with their two dogs, at the conservation area Sunday evening around 6:30.

The dogs were not on leashes and ran out in front of two cyclists, an older man with a younger companion.

Words were exchanged. The cyclists dismounted and the younger rider belted the older fisherman in the face.

The two got back on their bikes and the younger cyclist damaged the fishermen’s vehicle before they rode away.

The man who was punched was treated for minor injuries in hospital and released.

Police are looking for a white, 20-something male with short hair who wore a hoodie and sweatpants. His older companion is said to be about 50 years old, about five-foot-six inches tall, who has a beard and gray and white hair.