skate from Dundas

Swedish or Canadian?

valley inn

taking the temporary road


mapping the future

secret passage?

Iroquoia Heights Trails Reopened

dam creeks

not bored

trail troubles

valley inn out

i hate "timmies"

hydro work: trail disruption

walking dead

flyin' down the rail trail

bursting with life

a literary walking stick

in Dundas, walking takes many forms...

lilium superbum

On the Bruce Trail - Hamilton to Dundas

walking with the portable Thoreau

c'mon tim hortons drinkers, don't trash the trails!

forest of song

Two Wrongs

sunset at princess point

springy conditions

walkable talk

walking as intrinsically human

mud not monoculture

green with strategies

into the west

peer's road?

talking traction

walking gifts

walk to greet the sun