Friday, July 8, 2011

Rail Trail Detour Improved

A new bridge to replace the now structurally unsound "Powers Crossing" on the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail is not imminent, as far as we know, but at least the detour has been upgraded to better serve cyclists on this busy trail. A fine stone has been applied to the formerly uneven and bumpy path to the north of the defunct bridge (seen to the left in photo) making it smoother and safer for riding on. This should also aid people in wheelchairs, but the path is of course steeper without the bridge.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

vandalism unleashed

 Park entrance signed "dogs must be kept on a leash."
 The battle for leashed-or leash-free status at Warren Park in Dundas has officially ended with, we think, a reasonable restriction on free-roaming dogs, given the lack of fencing, proximity to walking trails and environmentally sensitive areas.
The Law
 It seems someone who disagrees with the restriction has taken to vandalism to promote their view, with spray paint on a camp building in the park, advocating for unleashed dogs.
 They've even gone to great heights to obscure the trail signage placed the the Conservation Authority repeating the message.

 Apparently nothing is sacred to the spray can, this dying tree now carrying the message previously reserved for man-made infrastructure.
I'm all for political protest, but defacing nature and going against the wishes of the majority of park users who prefer their kids, their pets, and themselves be protected against unleashed dogs comes off as selfish.

I think Hamilton needs more leash-free parks, but fenced in to protect against unwanted encounters of the threatening, biting kind. Hill Street park off Dundurn Street South seems to be working fine, and will hopefully serve as a model for more parks in neighbourhoods in Hamilton.