Sunday, June 22, 2008

hangin' with timmies

Someone conveniently left their empty tim horton's cup on a tree branch on the Grindstone creek trails in Burlington - rescued and dumped in the trash can at the trail head at Valley Inn Road by your's truly. Agaiin...what were they thinking?
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Friday, June 20, 2008

focus on the vision

Can you imagine what you would like Dundas Valley to be like in 50 years' time? Well, the Conservation Authority and various stakeholders want to know:

there is a short survey here that we encourage you to take, in the interests of a restored and preserved natural environment.

Monday, June 9, 2008

hide the timmies?

That adults refer to Tim Horton's brand as Timmies is nauseating enough, but please, people, don't litter your old cups (double cups, for tea, in this instance) along the trails ANYWHERE!

Once found, this one was transported to be recycled and "green-carted" at a private residence (mine).

People who drink take-out coffee regularly and like to visit conservation areas might want to reflect on their habits, and think about investing in a reusable cup or mug rather than generating more waste.

I'm sure my pet peeve against litter is widely shared, but, obviously, not by all. What kind of person takes in the spectacular view while sipping tea, and leaves the cup behind?

Maybe the same sort of person who leaves their pet's droppings on the school playground...?

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

5 bucks a foot

Want to help raise money for the Bruce Trail?: take a hike, and take a picture of your feet/shoes/boots on the trail. For every set of shoes photographed on uploaded to Keen Canada, they will give $5.00 to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to help ensure the legacy of the footpath from Queenston to Tobermory.

Boots on the Bruce: find out all about it here:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

where the sidewalk ends...

...desire reveals itself in a footpath along the north side of Cootes Drive. With the city in the process of a Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan, there hasn't been a better time to push for improvements for walking, cycling and transit.

According to planners with the city, Dundas's population growth will not create much pressure on the current road system; this is a boon for efforts to get some infrastructure in place to make alternatives to cars more attractive.

Sidewalks that don't just trickle out in a parking lot (above) for example. Or some bike lanes on Hatt Street. Improvements to the footpath along Spencer Creek. More frequent transit. Bike lanes and pedestrian improvements on Governor's Road in the vicinity of the three schools there.

Dundas Walks will be preparing comments to the DDTMP (dundas downtown transportation master plan) - please feel free to add your two-cents worth - start here...
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