Sunday, November 28, 2010

work party

The latest info courtesy of the Cootes Paradise Club; here is their latest communique:
The club is looking for 10+ Cootes explorers to assist for 1 hour next Monday between 10am and 2pm. The more people help the faster it will be and the more fun too! We'll be meeting at the Brandon Hall entrance at the hour or half-hour that you sign up. There will be snacks and gloves provided but do dress warm! This is a great way to show to the RBG that we students care about the forest conditions and we are willing to play a role in helping improve the environment.
So if you are in the area of Chegwin Trail, lend the Royal Botanical Gardens a hand!

Salmon Run

Regular walkers along Spencer Creek in Dundas will be familiar with this sight in the fall.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chegwin Bridge

A McMaster University student club devoted to Cootes e-mailed out this bit of info with their weekly events listing:
Monday, Nov. 29th! On this day, the Royal Botanical Gardens will be coming to the Chegwin Trail to remove the old wooden boardwalk that is near the cattails. It's the one with the railings and curves and we walked on it during the September full moon night hike. They have asked for our help in removing the wood. There will be more details to come, but it would be great our club could supply some help for about an hour or two. Gloves and snack will be provided. I'll give you all more details about this event next week. If you want to play a direct role in revitalizing Cootes by working on a project that will be beneficial to the community, this is it! Plus, you can meet all the great people that work with the RBG!
Does this mean they are removing the footbridge? or replacing it? Check back here for answers soon!

ANSWERED! Tys Theysmeyer, Head of Conservation, Aquatic Ecologist at the Royal Botanical Gardens has confirmed that the bridge along the south shore of Cootes Paradise will be upgraded over the next couple months, with a possibility of a raised platform to enable viewers to see over the cattails in the marsh. Volunteers will be able to help with getting the old bridge out. Watch for updates on this blog for ways you can help.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking to Dundas Town Hall

Environment Hamilton's Dundas Eco Motion Project invites you to join us for the:

Dundas Eco-Motion Project Town Hall Meeting

When: THURSDAY, December 2nd @ 7pm
Where: Dundas Town Hall

Environment Hamilton will provide an explanation of the findings from the Dundas Eco Motion Project. Project goals and achievements will be addressed, along with an overview of the community concerns received throughout the project. There will also be a discussion on how to move forward with the findings from this project.

Any questions should be directed to our offices by calling:

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you there!

Alessandra Gage
Project Coordinator