Tuesday, January 27, 2009

talking traction

This is probably not news to seasoned winter hikers, but to me the power of traction on ice is a new gift: I was given a pair of yaktrax as a gift, and have used them with much success this cold and icy winter.

I wish I had something like this earlier, like the days when I worked for hydro, reading meters. These slip-on easily over my hiking boots which enables me to walk with confidence over icy sidewalks, and dig in on the slippery forest trails.

Mine come from the Mountain Equipment Co-Op, and the reviews on line suggest that they wear out fast, so it remains to be seen how long they will last. I only use mine when sidewalks are very icy, or if heading out to a trail. They pack small or can be attached to the outside of a backpack en route, so there is no real need to wear them for every walk.

The first time I used them on ice, I felt like I had some kind of superhuman power, able to help my kids (my 11-year-old insists on wearing her running shoes to school) from wiping out.

There are other models with different designs (and prices) so if you have any experience you would like to share, please post a comment or e-mail me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

walking gifts

A Winter's Walk: by Bronwyn Kay

I was walking with my mom and dad in the snow and I was running ahead and I thought, walking is so wonderful. You can skip, you can run, you can walk, you go go any which way you want. You can talk and run, you can talk and skip, you can go as far as you want to go. You can walk in the woods. You can walk by the road. You can walk anywhere you want. You don't know how important your legs are until you don't have them. So you should walk and run with joy.

You don't need to be going anywhere: just walk and think how lucky you are to have legs. So go out now with joy. Don't think, "Oh, it's cold" or "Oh, it's so hot out today." Just think how lucky you are to HAVE legs! I hope that made an impact on you to go out and walk RIGHT NOW.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

walk to greet the sun

We walked out to Dundurn Park and waited for the sun on Burlington Heights. The new year started with a beautiful sunrise, on a cold, crisp, clear morning. It was especially nice since, due to the holiday, there was very little traffic on York Blvd to disrupt the tranquility of the moment.

The photo (above) shows Hamilton Harbour minutes before the sun crested the escarpment brow to the south east.

May the new year find you on the trails, healthy and happy!
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