where the sidewalk ends...

...desire reveals itself in a footpath along the north side of Cootes Drive. With the city in the process of a Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan, there hasn't been a better time to push for improvements for walking, cycling and transit.

According to planners with the city, Dundas's population growth will not create much pressure on the current road system; this is a boon for efforts to get some infrastructure in place to make alternatives to cars more attractive.

Sidewalks that don't just trickle out in a parking lot (above) for example. Or some bike lanes on Hatt Street. Improvements to the footpath along Spencer Creek. More frequent transit. Bike lanes and pedestrian improvements on Governor's Road in the vicinity of the three schools there.

Dundas Walks will be preparing comments to the DDTMP (dundas downtown transportation master plan) - please feel free to add your two-cents worth - start here...
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