Spencer Creek Trail: Photos

Trail beckons from McMurray Street (looking west)

Approaching Creighton Road from the east

East of the Creighton Road bridge

Poor signage to get to section west of Creighton

Trail marker (diamond) 

Spencer Creek

People make use of the area in different ways

Spencer Creek

Spencer Creek

Nature in the centre of town

Trail closed at Mill Street. After here the trail takes streets west

The Spencer Creek Trail essentially stretches from one end of Dundas, through the centre of town beside the creek, to the other.

It is a footpath and at times a mountain bike trail. It crosses streets and is useful to trek to various destinations in the compact historical business area.

There are missing sections that require a hiker to detour to sidewalks away from the beautiful flowing water of the creek. Some of these missing links could potentially be upgraded to improve the integrity of the trail.

The above photos are from two of the westernmost segments of the trail (before leaving for sidewalks further west).