Sound Escape

Escaping the city is easy if you want to get away from the sights of human-built form (though with monster homes encroaching on Conservation Areas it's getting trickier) but leaving behind the sounds of civilization requires some evasive action.
Noise from lawnmowers and leaf-blowers certainly interrupt tranquil moments on trails near neighourhoods, but there is almost always the sound of traffic in our natural areas.
To escape the incessant dull roar means getting deep into the valley where the hills block sound, and where a small creek bubbles along in its own noisy, but soothing way.
Living with a constant background noise of cars, trucks and buses wears on our psyche in ways that induce stress, stress we have grown accustomed to as a price of our way of life.
But head out onto the trails, and find a place where you can only hear the natural world and you've got a great stress reliever, both from the exercise it takes to get there, and the peaceful noise of life in the woods.