ice and fly-by

I was on the Desjardin/Bayfront waterfront trail today in the glorious sun, and saw Tundra Swans, Hooded Mergansers, Buffleheads, a Northern Shoveller, American Coots, and some others I will have to add (once I consult my bird books at home.)

I didn't have my camera, but wanted to take a picture of the ice formed on Cootes Paradise, so I used my laptop camera to take a (not very good) photo. Just after I put the computer away, a bald eagle drifted across my field of vision, low enough for me to get a very very good look. The eagle continued southward and then changed direction, eventually flying out of sight over Princess Point to the west.

This was only my second, but best, sighting of one of the two bald eagles in Cootes, and was certainly a thrill to witness! No photo to share though...