walking, don't give a crooks hollow dam...

From our bloggery neighbours at Restore Cootes, an update on the fate of the dam on Spencer Creek at Crooks Hollow - 
RESTORE COOTES: back to nature: "The Hamilton Conservation Authority is moving ahead with the task of removing a dam and restoring the original watercourse on Spencer Creek ..."
Good news for fish and wildlife, and for restoring the natural landscape after so much human intervention in the past 100 years!

Of course, our concern at Dundas Walks is about the potential loss of a hiking link: the historical Crooks Hollow trail on the north side of the creek with the neighbourhood on the south is currently linked by the walkway for pedestrians across the dam.

The good news from Hazel Breton, Manager Water Resource Engineering at the HCA, is that a footbridge will be put in place at the location of the dam to keep the pedestrian connection in place. So add a hiking win to the list of wins on this case!