Walking reward

Back in 2007 I wrote about the experience in Dundas Valley that convinced me to buy a walk-in pass for the Hamilton Conservation areas. Since then I upped it to the car-pass level (even though I don't own a car) since it gets a group of people access to all the CA areas. If we have guests we can drive with them to show off the beautiful natural areas in and around Hamilton.

Then in 2012 I started noticing new signs on the Rail Trail in Dundas announcing that it was now free to walk or cycle into the valley (though I am sure many of those using the rail trail were not paying previously)

As the HCA puts it on their web site:
Beginning in 2012, the walk-in and bicycle entry fee has been removed in the Dundas Valley. All visitors to the Dundas Valley are encouraged to purchase a HCA Annual Membership Pass to help support the maintenance and operational costs of the area. The HCA does not receive funding from the province of Ontario or the City of Hamilton for the operation of its conservation areas.
If you are only using the Dundas Valley trail system, there is no longer a requirement to pay if you walk or ride in. I will likely continue to hold a membership for the HCA, since I love the work they do, and I'd encourage you to join as a paying member in support of such a wonderful place.


Anonymous said…
I've been using the Dundas valley trails for years, cycling in and believing that fees were only for cars. Last fall, to support the HCA's work, I too purchased a pass. It's great for when I go out with someone not as active or abled as I am. Jeff Seffinga.