end to end hikers

Riding along the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail this morning, I happened upon a rest station consisting of a folding table, some jugs of orange juice, cups, and two volunteers from the local Bruce Trail association. They were dressed warmly as they waited in support of the End To End hikers making their way through the Iroquois section of the Bruce Trail (Grimsby to Kelso Conservation Area).
This section involves four days walking, with a bus to ferry people back to their cars at the end of each day's hike - hikers go at their own pace, and the Bruce Trail provides "sweepers" who bring up the rear, ensuring no one gets left behind.
I'm kicking myself for missing this opportunity to earn a Bruce Trail end to end badge. As a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the reading material that comes in the post.
But I am thankful for the two volunteers at that table at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area Trail Centre, for all the useful information - I will be looking forward to next fall's end to end in the Iroquois section.