Cross purposes

Corner of Hatt and Ogilvie, Monday, November 26, 2007

Note that the painted crosswalk ends at a curb, with no ramp. Two of the crosswalk legs at this key intersection have the same problem, no ramps, but this one, at the south west corner, was just redone and for some reason was not fixed when the sidewalk was finished.

What makes this particularly troubling is the fact that the south west corner is where the new "Retirement Residence" is being built. Presumably some of the retirees (not to mention other local citizens) have mobility aids that require proper ramps at intersections?

How this got missed is beyond me, but I've got a couple e-mails in to the local councillor and am waiting to hear his response.

The previous councillor was made aware of this issue but I guess never passed the info on.
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