Happy Trails are Reopened Trails!

As we approach the last days of summer, it's a relief to see some previously closed trails reopen for recreation: the Waterfront Trail between Hamilton's Princess Point and Bayfront Park is back in play, as are trails on Dundas Valley like the low-lying Spring Creek Trail.

Barring any more extreme weather (which closed the trails in the spring due to erosion damage from heavy rains - hello climate change!) we will be able to make use of the entire trail system as the fall leaves start to show their colours.

Remember to always be careful when riding the trails and watch out for other trail users. There are still some spot repairs to be made, especially at some bridges where there is a gap between the lip of the bridge and the trail. On the waterfront trail, temporary fencing narrows the path where erosion repairs are not complete, so again, ride with others in mind!

If you encounter and specific locations in need of repair, let us know in the comments and we can follow-up with the appropriate agency.