Cutting Through

The long straight line that is the rail trail. One of the most beautiful stretches of the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail is the section through Dundas Valley. Forests lean over the trail, give way to fields with long views over the distant city, and in my opinion far surpass the landscape of the more utilitarian farmers fields that make up much of the route between Dundas and Brantford.

Smaller side trails entice the curious to divert into the woodland to follow spring creeks in deep valleys.

Welcome, too, are benches placed at intervals, all with a unique view of the diverse nature. I have my favourite perch where I watch clouds drift by, as the crunching sound of moving feet punctuate a quiet afternoon as people walk or jog the rail trail, or the voices of cyclists conversing as they ride provide brief distractions from solitude.

One of the highlights of any week for me is time to sit alone here and think, or just deep breathe to decompress from a stressful week. There's warm sun ,or dramatic sky, a songbird flitting from branch to branch, or maybe a wandering deer grazing nearby to remind me that we are just cutting through as visitors.