Main Loop, Dundas Valley

The Main Loop. It's a big hike, but one you must take when in Dundas Valley. I rode my bike around it today and snapped some photos along the way. It's quite a diverse display of habitat, as you can see. Start at the Trail Centre and leave lots of time if you are walking (not riding) - Main Loop is 3.5km with lots of hills. The Dundas Valley Brochure is available from the Hamilton Conservation Authority for more details and maps.
Hemlock Groves in a valley by Sulphur Creek - quiet, moody sanctuary

The Old Oak at Main Loop and Monarch Trail

Merrick Orchard

Wood and Rock on Main Loop

Wood and Rock together near Hermitage Creek, Main Loop

Hermitage Creek

 Hermitage Cascade flowing
The Hermitage ruins

Historic Sulphur Spring just off the Main Loop (across Sulphur Spring Road) - strong sulphur smell

Sulphur Creek by Sulphur Creek Road and the spring. Strong smell of sulphur here