I walk the (on)line on Waterfalls

Tiffany Falls
I must say I am impressed with Tourism Hamilton's waterfall hikes page http://hamiltonwaterfalls.geotrail.ca/ - which uses the same format/engine as the Royal Botanical Garden's Trail site we've shared with you before.

There are 10 different waterfall hikes featured on the site, and some of the hikes will take you past several waterfalls on one journey. If you haven't experienced some of these walks, start adding them to your "bucket list."

This is a high calibre web site that at a glance gives you the level of difficulty on the trail to the waterfall(s), route distance, and estimated time to hike. Of course you also get a map, and photos of the waterfalls.

Using the web site you can select views at points along the trail to see photos of the trailhead, waterfall views, and various points of interest along the way. A wonderful planning tool for local hikers and visitors to Hamilton.

It should almost become a duty for residents of Hamilton to get out the the many waterfalls, and to ensure that visiting friends and family get the same chance when in town.

Once you select a hike you can click on a link to directions using Google maps, and if you are really into sustainability, it is good to know that many of these trailheads are accessible using public transit or by bicycle (Google maps can get you the directions for walking, cycling, transit and driving)