Un-bridged Binkley

The "Powers Crossing" bridge on the Hamilton-Brantford rail trail at Binkley Hollow has been removed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) leaving only concrete footings in place. A detour path beside the former bridge allows pedestrian and cyclist access between West Hamilton and Dundas, albeit narrower with a steeper grade than the bridge formally provided.

The Hamilton Spectator reported in January that construction on the new bridge would begin in the spring with a June re-opening. They reported that the original bridge was constructed in 1995, and was closed when a main beam collapsed.

The Dundas Star News reported that the replacement cost was $180,000, and the bridge would be a steel frame rather than the douglas fir used for the original. A steel frame will increase the life span to 70 years, rather than 30 for wood, however the deck and railings will use wood timbers, so the look will be similar to the previous bridge, the Star reported.