Spencer Creek, the reason for a trail

Spencer Creek, flowing under Main Street, barrier free
 The Spencer Creek in Dundas is like a watery line dividing the town, running west to east, and of course a natural destination for nature lovers. Water is the building block of life, and the Spencer Creek trail is my personal favourite trail in Dundas (and that's saying something!)

Spencer Creek Trail, looking East, between Main Street and West Street, Dundas ON
What attracts me to this trail is, of course, the obvious beauty of a footpath running through a built-up community: the trail takes you away from, but also to, places you might actually want to get to. Tonight I was heading to a sports-store for skate laces, etc., and I really enjoyed getting away from the loud roadways to seek refuge by the naturalized creek (i.e. where before a concrete barrier blocked the natural flow of water and watery life under the Main Street bridge i.e. fish, etc., the first photo (above) shows the post-barrier flow under the Main Street/Osler Bridge.)

But the appeal of this creek and the trail, beyond the already alluded to beauty, is the brokenness of the system. No, not the omnipresent litter, but the fact that hikers have to leave the creek to traverse along sidewalks, interrupting the reverie that comes with proximity to the rushing waters. This more than anything is a sign that we have yet to realize the value and potential of this creek for the former town and its current inhabitants.

Ideally we should be able to spend our time alongside the creek, uninterrupted by detours to less tranquil environments, as we go from one end of Dundas to another. Now there's a realizable goal to keep in mind!

This blog began with my concern for the sanctity of the Spencer Creek Trail, a much more vulnerable bit of real estate than say, the Dundas Valley Conservation Area trails. We need to pay attention to this trail, while seeking ways to help improve the route, and pay homage to the work of the trail's early stewards like Ian Reid. This creek defines our purpose, and re-connecting the trail along the full course of the creek is a priority for this blog's author! Join me...


Ted said…
I think people are programmed to ignore what is in their back yard, which is sad because some of the coolest places in Hamilton are just steps from home. Look around and be surprised and learn to value it.