back on the eco-motion trail in Dundas

A hike organized by Environment Hamilton. Here are the deets:
My name is Adam Pallett and I am the project coordinator for the Dundas Eco-Motion project - 2011. We are back in Dundas working to improve the walking conditions, while encouraging people to walk within their communities. We are holding a nature walk on Sunday the 27th to get the project rolling again, and it would be great to meet any of you who were involved with the project last year or meet anyone who would like to become involved with the project.
Dundas Eco-Motion Nature Walk
Sunday, February 27th from 1-3pm
Meet in front of East Side Mario's in University Plaza - 119 Osler Drive (the walk will end at University Plaza)
The walk will be led by Richard Reble at a fairly quick and sustained pace, it will be an energetic two hours of hiking!


Wondering if you are responsible for the Hamilton ward map on google. A little searching linked me here.
Would like to connect with you if you did create this map, or if you have contact information for the person who did.

Thank you.
Randy said…
Do you mean the ward map at if so, yes, I made that. Painstakingly. :)