Creekside Walk Croaks?

Well, my daughter and I were walking the trail to Burlington through Hendry Valley along Grindstone Creek and we were surprised to find this sign (above) - well, "not recommended" for hiking isn't saying "closed to hiking" - plus the fineprint saying repairs would not happen "until summer when the creek and grounds are it its driest" led us to continue on our trek, it being mid August and all.

Yet we quickly realized that not many others are ignoring the posted warning, since the trail was very narrowed by the overgrowth of life as it goes on in the woods - and we had to brush past a constant supply of greenery, some of which we found was likely poison ivy, so we wait now to see how our bodies deal with it.

We made it through and the path was much better as we approaced Unsworth drive and on into Hidden Valley. Funny thing was, I was just checking out the Royal Botanical Gardens own mapping of their trails, including this one, earlier today. Maybe the mapping site could include updates when there are problems with the trail.

I'm itching to tell them...
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