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Walk-abouts are back in Dundas! These walking tours give people a chance to see just how walkable the community is, while allowing people to review and suggest where improvements can be made.  Transportation for Liveable Communities did the first walk-about in May 2005, and another one with funding from Safe Kids Canada on Governor's Road in May 2008, and now Environment Hamilton has funding to take the project of sustainable mobility another step forward with Eco-Motion.

 Some Eco-Motion events are scheduled, with more to come:

  • Dundas Walkabout #1 - Saturday, July 31st @ 2pm, meet in front of Dundas Library (18 Ogilvie Street) - approx. 1-2 hours
  • Dundas Walkabout #2 - Saturday, August 7th @ 2pm, meet in front of Dundas Library (18 Ogilvie Street) - approx. 1-2 hours
  • Downtown Dundas Historical Tour (1 hour, led by Stan Nowak) - Tuesday, August 24th @ 7pm, meeting location TBD
  • Dundas Heritage District Historical Tour (1 hour, led by Stan Nowak) - Tuesday, September 21st @ 7pm, meeting location TBD

As TLC has noted elsewhere, Dundas is ripe for improvements to its sustainable transportation network, improvements that would encourage more people to walk and/or cycle as part of their Dundas experience. Dundas Walks wishes Alessandra Gage of Eco-Motion all the success in moving toward sustainability in the Valley Town! 

Read what the Dundas Star has to say on the matter: 

Eco-Motion Project underway

Environment Hamilton once again blitzing Dundas for info

Published on Jul 22, 2010
Environment Hamilton is back in Dundas for a six-week blitz.
The local non-governmental agency will spearhead a sustainability project that focuses on reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and voicing neighbourhood concerns about transportation and walkability.
Student intern Alessandra Gage is working closely with Councillor Russ Powers and a number of local community groups to put the project in motion.
The Dundas Eco-Motion Project (DEMP) has been initiated to build awareness and ensure that Dundas offers effective forms of sustainable transportation, addressing any current issues with walkability/eco-friendly transportation.
In addition to gathering community feedback, there will be special walking tours, bike hikes, and information sessions held throughout the summer.
"Working to improve the use of sustainable transportation is important for the community, not only because it reduces our carbon emissions, but because it offers important health benefits as well" explains Alessandra Gage.
By working closely with community groups and city councillors, the DEMP also hopes to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of pre-existing and current initiatives. Most importantly, Alessandra stressed the project looks at improving sustainable transportation for everyone, regardless of age and ability.
"It's important to have accessible, eco-friendly transportation that can meet the needs of the diverse individuals living in Dundas -not just one niche," she said.
Meetings to finalize the project details and event dates will be held this upcoming week, but individuals are invited to keep up to date by following the project website at www.environmenthamilton.org/view/page/dundas_eco_motion
The Dundas Eco-Motion Project is closely related to the Kirkendall Walks and Concession Street Walks projects run by Environment Hamilton in previous summers.
For more information, contact Alessandra at 905-549-0900.