propping up the banks

Some work has been done to stabilize the Spencer Creek banks just north of Edwards Park in Dundas. There are new trees and shrubs planted along the top, which will help retore this shady spot to its former beauty. Gone is the tree on the near bank that once held a rope swing used by young and old alike to play in the water.

The Spencer Creek Trail provides the most potential to develop a pleasant and scenic walk through the centre of Dundas; after all, a walk is made more invigorating and restorative if it is in the midst of natural beauty.

The existing east-west trail would benefit from improvements to the creek environment, especially the removing of concrete channels that straighten the creek and destroy fish habitat (more on this subject later).

A more natural creek setting would do much to enhance Dundas's image as a scenic and restful place, where quality of life means more than the fastest car commute. Spencer Creek is perhaps the former Town's most important natural asset, and as such, needs some tender loving care to restore it to it's former glory.
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Jeff said…
As a comparison, I love what the city has done to restore/preserve the banks of Chedoke Creek below Vannier High School. Large stone and native plants, anti-erosion measures on the 403 side.