racing past discussion

Check out this move - with no real planning or community discussion, the group wanting to build a Pan Am Velodrome decided to forgo the synergy of having the track built along with the Pan Am stadium and somehow selected Dundas; with the local councillor's approval. How can these decisions be made with no input from the community?

As advocates for hiking and walking in the Dundas area, we need to know if the hasty plans have been thorough, or as it appears, knee jerk. Unless hikers want elite mountain bike racers speeding past them on the nearby footpaths...

"The NCCH believes the Dundas site would best serve three of the four cycling disciplines as it is close to road cycling routes and mountain biking trails."

What trails are they referring to? RBG trails? Bruce Trail? Neither of which are open for cycling, being footpaths in naturally sensitive areas? Or do they consider Dundas Valley trails close? How well thought out is this plan?

RESTORE COOTES: footpath or cycle path?