Stranded on the South Shore

The South Shore trails of the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Cootes Paradise are becoming a bit of an island, isolated from the McMaster University section of the trail system, primarily by the loss of the bridge over Spencer Creek (the RBG does not plan on replacing it).

Those of us who have used the trail to walk between the eastern end of the Spencer Creek Trail and the RBG trails to McMaster and beyond into Westdale/Princess Point have lost a very scenic route; our loss may be wildlife's gain, as the RBG refines its trail network to protect important pockets of wilderness habitat.

Part of me agrees with the strategy, but another part of me wonders if cutting trails back while not taking more action to shrink the human footprint of roads and development is the right approach. This section in particular was part of a continuous route that nature lovers could retreat to as an alternative to walking beside busy roads.

If you know this area, what do you think about this issue?
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