trail challenge


Here's a little game to try - find a destination that you can walk to, and see if there is a way to get there avoiding roads.
I live in a city, but I can walk to my work at the University without being on the road with cars - a short backstreet, an unofficial path, across the railroad tracks, through a hole in a chain link fence, under a major highway via an underpass to a parking lot used seasonally for soccer games, and then on paths maintained by the city and the Royal Botanical Gardens through a nature preserve.
From home to work, about a 4k walk, just under an hour, and it is like a different world.
It certainly makes life interesting, and I am submerged in nature with time to think and enjoy the sights and sounds from my vantage point on the trail.
Let me know if you take the challenge, and how you make out! (no trespassing on private property allowed!)
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Jefferson said…
Sorry, Randy. The hole in the fence is illegal entry to private (CPR) property. I know, I once was caught and warned!
Randy said…
Right! I guess I cheated on my own challenge. I will amend the challenge to read "and not get caught crossing private property"
Jefferson said…
Depending on where you want to cross York, follow either the cemetery roads or Henry Park (Dundurn) to the High Level Bridge; down the stairs to the waterfront trail, and so to Princess Point. It's longer, but legal.