Redside Dace Recovery Project

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A newly installed info board at the lower Spencer Creek Trail (near the Canadian Tire trailhead) with background on the Redside Dace, a Provincial and National species at risk. Some background on the Redside Dace here.

Suggested actions you can take to help the project succeed include using a rainbarrel to reduce runoff from storms into creeks, planting native trees and shrubs, use alternatives to salt for de-icing, protect streambanks from erosion, and avoid using pesticides so that the little fish have insects to eat. Yes, these little fish jump out of the water to eat low-flying insects!

I couldn't find a link to any information about this project on the Hamilton Conservation Authority web site, their involvement was limited to installing the sign - the Hamilton Wentworth Stewardship Council was behind the project, but their web site failed to turn up any information on the project.