parking but no walking

The trail that cuts through Binkley Hollow between McMaster's west parking lot and Osler Drive (across from University Plaza) is currently blocked by construction at the McMaster end. Wish I had known that before walking from Dundas to find 10 foot high chain link fences.
On the way there I got to witness the cleared swath of vegetation-less mess thanks to Hydro clearing along the transmission lines. Uck!
Saw 10 (maybe 11) white-tailed deer bounding away as I approached along the trail.

No idea how long the construction will take, but it would have been nice if they had provided some alternative access to this lovely and useful trail.
The City of Hamilton continues construction of a new Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) tank on the southwest corner of parking zone M. The 6,000-cubic meter underground tank will hold storm water overflow and prevent the runoff from entering nearby creeks. During the construction, part of zone M has been fenced off. A temporary ramp has been built allowing vehicles to leave via existing zone M gates.
A wash station ensures construction vehicles are cleaned of any dirt and debris prior to them leaving the site. The City of Hamilton is responsible for all aspects of the project and McMaster is monitoring its progress and is in constant contact with project managers.