elder trails

A friend sends these meditations to our e-mail, this one seemed good to share here:

Elder's Meditation of the Day - December 25.'08

"When you see a new trail, or a footprint that you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing."
--Grandmother of Charles Eastman, SANTEE SIOUX

We never gain new knowledge or new experience unless we are willing to take risks. It's good to be curious. Also, it pays to be cautious. Walk in balance. The path of the Warrior is filled with opportunities to seek new knowledge. As we travel down the Red Road, we will run into trails of opportunity. Down each of these trails are experiences from which we will learn. Experience plus action is the beginning of knowledge."

Great Spirit, help me to make good choices in choosing only the trails You would have me take.


Jefferson said…
Thanks, Randy. I copied this and sent it on to a friend who has some confusion in his life and could use it.

But then, we all can.
Wilma Seville said…
a very profound thought which we all could use in our lives.