walk on water

With the spring flooding, Spencer Creek spilled its banks today, submerging the Spencer Creek Trail at the low-lying area near the Cootes Drive bridge.
I had almost decided to walk to work down the trail from the trailhead at Dundas Street (by the Canadian Tire store) not knowing that the trail was underwater further 'downstream.' (excuse the pun)
After arriving at work I e-mailed councillor Powers to suggest some indication that the trail was impassable be placed at the trailhead, to save anyone walking east from having to go all the way down only to be forced to turn back (round trip, over 2km).
Fortunately I had chosen the paved Cootes multi-use path which meant I didn't have to turn around and double back, although it was a nice morning for a walk!
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to get a shot of the very wide, deep, and fast creek.