feet and belly will get you there

Some friends from Burlington (ON) came to visit today, during March break. We hiked along Spring Creek and then John White Trails to arrive at the toboggan hill at Dundas Valley Conservation area where we did that simple but fun activity with lots of other people.

Sliding fast downhill with very little control over steering, people wiping out in blasts of snow plumes, what could be more fun on a sunny day with lots of fresh snow?

The trails through the woods were easy to walk, packed down but not slippery. A peaceful and relaxing, not to mention beautiful and healthy alternative to driving.

The number of recreational trails in Dundas is stunning, and something to be proud of, though I still managed to pick up litter (granola bar wrappers x2) on the way back, so obviously more care is needed from a personal responsibility perspective.

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Scotcho Libre said…
We had a great time on this walk. The weather was superb. Have to make an attempt to schedule more walks and rides this year.