blame the victim?

Snow removal remains a focus of the blog for the short term: here's a letter from the Dundas Star News, with photos from Dundas Walks slideshow showing the property in question (east side of Post Office, above; front/north side of building, below), which we had noted December 3, 2007 as being left un-cleared of snow and ice.

No one should be immune from city snow removal bylaws

Published on Dec 14, 2007

I had unfortunate experience with our paramedics and our beloved post office on the night of Monday, Dec. 3. [italics added] At approximately 7:15 p.m., as I was coming back from the variety store, I encountered a dangerous stretch of ice between McMurray and Foundry streets in Dundas.

Just as I passed by the post office steps, I felt my feet leave my body and went into a half moon back landing. Pinned to the ice and snow and stuck there like a piece of Velcro, I laid motionless. A patron from Mike's saw me lying there and called 911. About 11 minutes later, the medics showed up and one of the medics picked up my shoe to help put it back on. The medic started scolding me about the wrong kind of shoes for this kind of weather. Now this didn't irk me as much as the female paramedic who said to me, "And what have you had to drink tonight?" Drink tonight! I replied that I hadn't had a drink in seven years. That hurt. I had always thought it didn't matter what colour or race, religion or being drunk or sober, that these great people who have one of the most prolific tasks should ask me those questions.

The City of Hamilton should also know that no one is above the law when it comes to snow removal bylaws, no exceptions. As for the Dundas post office, all the hype has been on relocating, and I would suggest that you first look at your safety record in the last 94 years and hopefully you can get back on track.

Marty Zuliniak