second snow

Dundas Walks is still waiting to hear back from the councillor about sidewalk snow removal routes. It's been eight days since we e-mailed him to see if there is a map that we can see and share with people interested in mobility without a car in town. With a lovely snow falling, we want to know where we can get to with some expectation of success after the snow clears.

The initial response came from Public Works:

Yes, there is a sidewalk plow/salt route in Dundas, West Hamilton, and Flamborough, within District one's jurisdiction. We are servicing the walks across frontages of city parks, municipal office buildings, schools( chargeback), bicycle paths, and open space sections(i.e. no residential or commercial frontages). We have our routes laid out in such a way that school frontages receive service sooner, than a cemetery frontage, for example. However, we do not bypass sections, which are geographically enroute.
The outstanding question for me remains: is there an actual map that shows the routes? and what does it mean to "not bypass sections, which are geographically enroute"?

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